Cypherium Integrates FIO Send Into Its Wallet

2 min readMar 25, 2022


Cypherium is known for entering into strategic partnerships with other leaders in the blockchain space. We are pleased to announce Cyherium has begun a mutually beneficial collaboration with FIO to incorporate its feature, FIO Send Into our wallet.

FIO is the acronym for Foundation for Interwallet Operability, and it is a decentralized consortium of blockchain organizations and community members supporting the ongoing development, integration, and promotion of the FIO Protocol. The protocol is an open-source, decentralized usability layer solution that works across all blockchains, and uses human-readable Crypto Handles to replace the complexity, risk, and inconvenience that comes with blockchain-based transactions using public addresses.

FIO is at the forefront of Improving the user experience of those that utilize the functionalities available on the blockchain.

As a result of this integration of FIO Send Into our wallet, crypto enthusiasts can seamlessly send their tokens from one Cypherium wallet to another using their FIO Crypto handle. It improves user experience and saves the user from trying to copy a long string of esoteric numbers and letters that make up an address. Chances that a user sends a token to the wrong recipient because of a mistake in the address is reduced.

With this feature, anyone, be it a novice or a professional crypto user, can seamlessly transfer their Cypherium tokens using the FIO crypto handle to any FIO-enabled wallet.

The reason that Cypherium decided to incorporate this feature into its wallet is to improve usability and clamp down on the risk of mistyping a character and sending funds to the wrong address.

Cypherium is committed to offering its community of users access to incredible functionalities, and this can be seen in the changes it carries out and its strategic partnerships.

About Cypherium

Cypherium is a layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to offer financial inclusion for its users whilst delivering operational efficiencies for its enterprise and institutional partners. Using a hybrid consensus mechanism, the Cypherium blockchain is designed to achieve commercial viability while preserving the characteristics of decentralization and DLT.

Cypherium’s approach to creating financial inclusion between civilians, banks, government, and enterprises begins with our DCIF (Digital Currency Interoperability Framework). The DCIF is Cypherium’s proprietary architecture for allowing any asset, including CBDCs, stable coins, and digital assets, to be received or distributed on-chain or cross-ledger.