3 min readDec 3, 2021

Announcing our partnership with HUAWEI CLOUD X Morpheus Labs Launchpad

It’s no secret that a prosperous future for blockchains will involve the participation of legacy technologies, companies and governments as the gatekeepers that enable mass adoption. It’s through them that blockchain technology will gain access to broader audiences, which will in turn drive use cases, enable accessibility, and reach widespread adoption.

In a bold move in this direction, we’re delighted today to be announcing our partnership with HUAWEI CLOUD and Morpheus Labs in their Launchpad- the new platform designed to propel blockchains towards mass adoption by providing a space for industry leaders to collaborate with companies and governments from across the world.

As an early supporter of blockchain technology and an undeniable tech titan, Huawei has long understood that mass adoption is an inevitability. Not one to speculate on the ‘if?’ and ‘when?’, Huawei is committed to playing an active role in the question of how blockchains will become a ubiquitous global technology. The Huawei Cloud X Morpheus Labs launchpad is a significant step towards this goal, and Cypherium is excited to be a part of the conversation as we collectively realise our shared values and goals.

Another innovator in the field, Morpheus Labs is doing a lot to aid companies and governments to gain access to blockchain technologies by providing them with their Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaaS), which allows developers and enterprises to effectively and efficiently build and manage their own applications. It’s accessible and functional platforms such as Morpheus that drive use cases and adoption- we’re glad to be working with them.

Through this partnership, we further strengthen our position from which to work with enterprises to develop use cases with Cypherium’s game changing technology. By leveraging our expanded network to develop our ecosystem and access customer bases across the corporate and financial sectors, we are able to accelerate our journey towards becoming one of the major players in the blockchain space.

Whilst as a rule, our small team invests its time in honing and developing our core technologies, at the direction of Sky Guo, we have been able to continue to collaborate and build strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative players in the field, both big and small. This partnership is a prime example of this ethos in action, and we look forward to announcing more in the near future.

About Cypherium

Cypherium is a decentralized smart contract platform for creating and connecting dApps, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Enterprise Applications, and Digital Assets. We are one of the first blockchain companies with real, tangible blockchain applications in partnership with industry-leading enterprises and Government institutions.

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About Huawei

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei has approximately 197,000 employees and operates in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billions people around the world. Huawei’s mission is to bring digital to every person , home and organization for a fully connected , intelligent world.

About Morpheus Lab

Morpheus Labs provides businesses with an end-to-end Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaaS) solution for innovation and value creation. It simplifies blockchain application development by offering mission-critical tools, infrastructure, and various blockchain protocols, where you can build and manage your applications effortlessly at minimal cost and time, with a cross-functional team that has a combined 70 years of experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile applications, cybersecurity, and IoT across Europe and Asia.