Cypherium is positioned to disrupt a number of aspects of the blockchain space. We are striving to achieve the milestones that our industry's predecessors have failed to accomplish. While first and second-generation blockchain projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have opened pandora’s box, they have created more questions than answers. These layer 1 protocols are forced to operate in a localized sandbox, they interact with neither real-world data nor the existing legacy infrastructure our current financial system is built on. Cypherium understands this dire problem and has learned from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and uses these insights to develop a blockchain…

Centralized Banking and its Payment Solutions

Business conducted between two entities has always required a 3rd party to verify the transaction and ensure that the transaction terms are satisfied for both parties. This seemingly novel idea has become the foundation for the entire global economic system. Entities like SWIFT and ACH are the silent intermediaries that power the global marketplace. While this trust-based system has taken us very far, it does not come without its own limitations and risks. …

From a number of strategic collaborations with IBM, Google Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft, IC3, Randstad, Société Générale and OMFIF to working on China’s much-awaited ‘Digital Yuan’ project, Sky Guo and the rest of the Cypherium team have really positioned themselves at the forefront of the blockchain revolution during 2020.

It’s no secret that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought on an unprecedented amount of economic devastation around the globe, forcing many traditional financial institutions to rethink their operational strategies. One of the needs that has arisen among consumers is seamless access to online banking and payments. …

One of Cypherium’s most recent and exciting new project developments has been the implementation of our Digital Currency Interoperability Framework (DCIF). The Cypherium DCIF is a novel approach to the challenges hurdling the adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

A Central Bank Digital Currency is fiat digital money, which provides a brand-new mechanism for holding and exchanging assets backed by Central Banks. Generally speaking, Central Bank Digital Currencies have the following five design goals:

  1. Distributed Payments System;
  2. Financial Inclusivity;
  3. Efficient Cross-Border Payments;
  4. Digitized Management of Monetary Policy; and
  5. Innovative Framework.

In short, any attempt at digitizing public money will…

To our loyal Cypherium community,

After a successful token sale, we have reached new milestones to aim new heights with the given market conditions. Our efforts over the last few weeks have been focused on onboarding Central Banks, as well as Enterprise Partners to the platform while gearing up for our exchange listing as our top priority in the roadmap.

Both of these developments are essential to the launch of the Cypherium ecosystem, as working with these enterprise partners will allow new products and services to be built on the network and our strategic exchange listings will create new on-ramps…

Dear Cypherium Community,

We hope you are as thrilled as we are that our mainnet has officially launched today, coinciding with the 12th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper! As excited as we are, we know that this is no time to rest. We appreciate your continued support on our journey to get here. This is only the beginning…

We know you are all wondering when you will receive your tokens. We can confirm that all tokens for Pre-Sale participants have been distributed. All additional tokens for Public Sale will be distributed by November 10, 2020. Please note that all tokens…

Dear Cypherium Community,

We are writing to you today with exciting news. This is perhaps the most exciting moment in the history of our project. The moment our team, our developers, and our supporters have been anticipating since Cypherium’s inception in 2016: our full mainnet deployment is finally here.

Our mainnet will be launching on October 31, 2020.

Tokens purchased in our pre-sale and public sale will be distributed according to our vesting schedule — please visit for more information. Tokens will be distributed to the CPH addresses that you’ve created at


We always keep our ears open to the voices of our community members, and the most recent feedback was reasonable regarding our valuation and final token metrics. At Cypherium, we care deeply about keeping our public community and especially our valued active participants informed on the same page with the rest of the internal team. Therefore, we have insisted on delivering all updates as transparent and promptly as possible.


Many have noticed that our initial mainnet circulating supply (Presale + Public sale) adds up to 800,000,000 CPH. Some may jump to the conclusion that with this supply figure, multiplied by…

Although DeFi has enjoyed roller-coaster market conditions this year, the opportunity it presents for financial practitioners is still immense and far-reaching. The most fundamental innovation of DeFi is the automatic completion of transactions by computer code, replacing traditional transaction intermediaries. The rapid development of DeFi has, thus, attracted the attention of regulatory agencies and central banks in various countries.

Back in August of this year, Cypherium CEO Sky Guo discussed the market prospects of the combination of DeFi and central bank digital currency in a dialogue with representatives of the Bank of Thailand. …

Cypherium Community Management Program

Rewarding Cypherium’s Community Managers Worldwide

Dear Community Members,

Since its inception, the Cypherium team, formed of developers from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, has been diligently building the Cypherium blockchain to reach endless limits in the blockchain space with the Cypherium mainnet and ecosystem. In parallel, the team has also been expanding our global reach by launching community-building initiatives, such as the Cypherium Ambassador Program, and collaborating with industry-leading tech partners and central banks from all around the globe.

As a result, Cypherium has effortlessly attracted thousands of validator nodes onto its testnet, dozens of partners building solutions, and an extensive…


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